I’m sooooo mad right now. Next saturday ( April 19th) will be, here in my town, a workshop about Photoshop (I know… I know… There are millions of tutorials - including videos on YouTube - about it) but honestly with college and stuff I don’t have a lot of time to hanging out with other people, so I thought about going to that workshop about Photoshop. But, here in my town, I live in Portugal by the way, every single month there are leaflets about the things that will happen here for each month, such as workshops, movies, theath, and so on. They mentioned in the leaflet that the workshop is FREE so I was so glad and happy for the opportunity. However, they forgot to mention that we need to subscribe through a form on the company/affiliation website that host the workshop. Now there is no vacancy for me at all. Oh well, I hope in Summer they will do something about photography or another session about Photoshop, I will search about it.